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Felony and Misdemeanor Defense

Daniel E. Bertolino was a Senior Assistant District Attorney with the Rockland County District Attorney's Office from 1978 to 1982, when he became a Principal Law Clerk to County Court Judge Robert R. Meehan. He uses this wealth of criminal law experience to provide his clients with a vigorous defense against all charges. Dan has been handling criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney for nearly 45 years. All criminal charges, including DWIs, should be taken seriously, since the consequences can be severe upon a conviction. A defendant may be facing a permanent criminal record, jail time, substantial fines and collateral consequences such as loss of license, deportation, sex offender registration, etc.


Business Transactions and Disputes

At Daniel E. Bertolino, P.C., we assist our business clients in entity formation, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and shareholder agreements. We also assist with the various transactions that allow them to successfully conduct business, including lease agreements, and purchase or sale agreements. It is important to have a proper contract in place to protect your business from future litigation.

The typical types of business disputes we handle include:


- Breach of Contract

- Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

- Landlord-Tenant Disputes

- Real Estate Disputes

- Business Dissolution

- Business Fraud


Commercial disputes can disrupt a business to the point where the future of the business may be in jeopardy. Sometimes litigation can last many months or years, creating a nearly impossible obstacle to success. At Daniel E. Bertolino, P.C. we are sensitive to the effect that litigation can have on a company of any size. We work to resolve problems and disputes, but if litigation is the only way to resolve a conflict or problem, we are vigorous advocates for our clients, whether at trial or in negotiations.


Commercial and Residential Transactions and Litigation

Whether you are purchasing or selling a single-family dwelling, or something more complex, such as commercial leasing, commercial mortgages or construction loans, we have been

handling real estate matters successfully for nearly 40 years. We understand the local real estate market, which allows us to provide effective representation to clients who are engaging in the purchase or sale of property, including:

- Drafting and Reviewing Contracts of Sale

- Mortgage Financing

- Satisfactions of Mortgage

- Acting as Escrow Agent

- Examining Title

- New Construction and Subdivision Sales

- Residential and Commercial Leases


Similarly, Daniel E. Bertolino, P.C. handles real property litigation, including:


- Real Property Contract Disputes

- Mortgage Foreclosure Actions and Workouts

- Boundary Line Disputes

- Easement Issues

- Adverse Possession

Landlord / Tenant Law

Commercial and Residential

The rights of landlords and tenants in both residential and commercial lease agreements can be complex and overwhelming for the parties involved. If you are a landlord with a tenant problem, whether it is the refusal to pay rent or some other breach of the lease agreement, Daniel E. Bertolino, P.C. can help you resolve those issues, short of litigation if possible, but if not, through the aggressive prosecution of a landlord/tenant proceeding. Conversely, if you are a tenant with a problem with your landlord, whether it is the defense of a summary proceeding or some other issue, we can guide you through the contractual and legal issues that you face.


A Will is the most basic estate planning document. In addition to setting forth how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death, your Will also communicates your wishes concerning those individuals nominated to act on your behalf to administer your estate, and care for your minor children. As part of the estate planning process, many people choose to authorize someone else to handle their affairs with a Power of Attorney should they be unable to do so. Health care decisions can be made with a Health Care Proxy. At Daniel E. Bertolino, P.C., we are prepared to skillfully guide you through the estate plan that is right for you.

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